The most innovative, free solar estimator on the Web!

Utilize the 3D world of Google Earth, HelioApp automatically calculates the solar potential of the system that you outline (on your roofs, lands, etc.). This tool does not require you to have any knowledge about solar energy, just go though 3 easy steps. It will give you a solar potential report of your system, from there you can easily connect to the installers in your area to find out more about getting a solar system. And best of all, this tool is free for you to use!

How it works: In 3 simple steps with our world's first 3D Solar Estimator HelioApp!

In three simple steps you can discover the solar potential of your property and connect with installers in your area:

  1. Enter the address of where you want your new solar system to be.
  2. Use the interactive online tool for outlining the space you would like to use for solar, whether it’s on your roof or land.
  3. Review your results, edit it if you need to and connect with the installers in your area.

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Solar power is the solution to our energy problems. It can help reduce environmental impact!

Electricity produced by solar panels is pollution free. That means no massive amount of pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere and no harmful chemicals being poured into the environment. Climate change is happening, it’s real, we are making global warming worse by continuing to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity. But we love electricity, it’s what’s driving our modern society and our lives. With solar energy you can leave the lights on without worrying about the environmental effects and running up your bill.

Solar energy is more practical than ever! And even better, you can sell back your solar energy!

Solar technology has dramatically dropped in price making it both affordable and practical for the average homeowner. Grid tied systems with net metering allows you to directly offset electricity consumption from your energy bill. By investing in battery backup you will be able to preserve and use your produced electricity even if the grid power goes out. Start spinning your meter backwards and saving money today!

*Beta Disclaimer: We have been working hard to build an online tool, which will make it easy to generate the solar potential report for homes and businesses across the USA with just a few clicks. We are excited to announce the release of the beta version for the site. We still have a lot to work on but we want to share with everyone what we have built so far. We also want to hear from consumers and installers on the website and how we can improve . We want to build a tool that is perfect for the users! Please feel free to test out the HelioApp and rest of the site and provide us with feedback on your experience. There is still a lot more to come but we hope you enjoy the beta. Sign Up now for free and we will keep you updated with Heliomap. Thank you.